My name is John Alite I have over 30 years of experience in the sports betting Industry.Before becoming a published author of three books, subject of magazine articles the guest of television shows and podcasts I was a high ranking associate and enforcer of the Gambino crime family in New York.Today I speak to students and advocate against crime.Throughout my life one thing I’ve always been able to do is pick winners Major league or college, boxing, hockey, football and baseball.I ran a very successful underground sport book for years and I was involved heavily in the industry through out my youth as well.Sports betting and sports in general is a passion of mine I take seriously.Now I’m bringing my knowledge and skill into the legitimate mainstream.I have been recognized as an expert by major news outlets including 60 minutes and showtime.Allow my team and I to help you beat the books!

When you purchase a membership with You will receive the most accurate and exclusive sports betting information available.Your membership includes access to our team of experts that will handle your individual needs.We look to develop rapport with our clients. We encourage them to contact us so that we may better understand their unique needs and provide them with excellent service.

Currently A large amount of our subscription profits Go to financing the information that we get.With all the angles that we have to cover it’s not cheap”The real profit Is in the games that we Push to our clients and always bet ourselves. The subscription sales just help finance the vast Expenses that go into sourcing all this information.If you bet sports You’re cheating yourself by not being a member of our site.

 We bet all the games we give our clients.There are many other betting sites out there and it is hard to choose who is best.  The benefit of using our site over one of our competitors (if you can call them that) is that besides having our own team handicappers and our own games that we’re pushing we also buy the information of every major Competitor out there.This gives us and our clients and us a strategic advantage by allowing us to see what is trending with major gamblers and Minimize the risky content they sell .Using our Extensive Contacts within the sports and gambling industry, we compile all of the most exclusive sports betting intelligence out there. Our process for every game we push is to see how the odds makers developed the lines for that game so that we can work out mathematically through our software and Take into account the human variable.Lastly we review it with our handicappers and vote on the most educated bet we can provide to our clients. We try to take the guessing out of it and turn it into more of a science. We compile a list of games that we are betting and giving the clients our same bets. Basically, you’re paying a very affordable price and you’re getting access to all of the information available That has been compiled from every possible source And then refined for Accuracy.As well as our team of handicappers and our unique software.Our process is very advanced and we are the only ones out there with this specific process and software. Our software is one of a kind and and it’s constantly evolving and becoming more advanced. It is my professional opinion that some of the competing sites out there if you can call them that are just guessing And they have limited knowledge of the mathematics and the human Variable element that goes in to creating sports picks with Accuracy.When our customer loses a bet we lose a bet.I feel that one of the most important things that separates us from the competition is A lot of the people on our team have personal relationships with pro & college athletes and team staff and even owners (our competition doesn’t have that). 


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